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Environmental Values and Threats

Learn about the impacts of a changing climate on your state at the States At Risk website. This website focuses on the major impacts of extreme heat, drought, wildfires, coastal flooding and inland flooding for each U.S. state.

Death from Fossil Fuel Emissions Higher than Previously Thought, Fossil Fuel Air Pollution Responsible for 8 Million People Worldwide in 2018. by Harvard School of Engineering.

Inequitable Exposure to Air Pollution from Vehicles in New York State
by Union of Concerned Scientists

Great concern as study finds microplastics in human placentas
by: Mongaby

Tribal Communities At Risk: The Disproportionate Impacts of Oil & Gas Air Pollution On Tribal Air Quality
by: Clean Air Task Force

The Health Impacts Of Air Pollution From Oil & Gas Facilities On African American Communities.
by NAACP & Clean Air Task Force

The Value of a Clean and Healthy Delaware River
by Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Fracking by the Numbers The Damage to Our Water, Land and Climate from a Decade of Dirty Drilling
by: Environment America Research & Policy Center

New Mexico Oil & Gas Waste Report: The failure to safely manage oil and gas waste
by: Earthworks

Pollution by Per and Polyfluoroalkly chemicals (PFAS, PFOS) is harming human health, and the viability of multiple farms:

–> Maine: Second Farm Shuttered due to Massive PFAS Contamination
by: Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy

–> New Mexico: Groundwater Contamination Devastates A New Mexico Dairy and Public Health
by: NM Political Report

–> New Mexico: Petition of state Governor to federal government to urge action because of harms to state environment, agriculture, tourism & people.
by: NM Governor Lujan Grisham to US EPA