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Advancing a Hawaii Green Amendment

Comments provided to the House Committees on Energy and Environmental Protection and Water and Land and Senate Committee on Agriculture and Environment provided some helpful understanding on the values of the proposed Hawaii Green Constitutional Amendment.

Comment submitted by a coalition of Hawaii organizations for SB2962 can be read here: SB2962 Hawaii Coalition Comment 2.10.22

Comment submitted by Founder, Maya van Rossum, for SB2962 can be read here: SB2962 Maya van Rossum Submitted Comment 2.10.22

Comments submitted by a coalition of Hawaii organizations can be read here: HI Green Amendment Coalition to EEP/WAL 2.7.22

Comments submitted by Green Amendments For The Generations can be read here: GAFTG HB 1803 submitted comment 2.7.22

Comments submitted by the Hawaii Reef and Ocean Coalition (HIROC) can be read here: HIROC Testimony to EEP/WAL 2.7.22

Information From 2021 to Inform 2022

The Hawaii Green Constitutional Amendment was first proposed in 2021 and made it all the way through the Senate and partially through the House.  Here are some of the key comments submitted to give more understanding of the proposal, the questions, the concerns, and the answers discussed. As well as the Press Release announcing Senate passage.

Coalition comments Re Green Constitutional Amendment Proposal 2.10.21

Comments re Green Amendment from Green Amendment Founder Maya K. van Rossum 2.10.21

Coalition Comments to Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Ways and Means Committee re Amended Green Amendment 2.22.2021

Comment before Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Ways and Means Committee by MKvR 2.21.2021

Press Release: Hawaii Senate Votes to Pass a Hawaii Green Amendment


An Emmy Nominated Show

Here’s The Story, an Emmy nominated show that premiered in 2011 and is produced by acclaimed journalist Steve Rogers, is now featuring a two part show featuring the Green Amendment movement. The show joins Maya as she explores the history of the Green Amendment movement and meets with environmental, political and legal leaders key to the movements past, present and future. Among those interviewed is NJ Governor Phil Murphy, PA Senator Franklin Kury who originally conceived of the idea for PA, and the chief justice who wrote the iconic opinion that helped launch the movement.

You can watch the show, see Facebook live chats with some of the key players, and see the full interviews that were conducted as part of the show here: Here’s the Story: The Green Amendment.

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